“Grand Opening!”


Finally everything is assembled, a place found for all the items, and a debut use this morning to try the “gym” out. Not visible are three important additions. New yesterday was a dehumidifier purchased after I experienced the working conditions in the basement. A large fan blows now comfortable air my direction. Most important is my Apple Home Pod which lets me tell it what music to play, stop, repeat, make louder or softer without my having to quit exercising. ( I get NO kickbacks for endorsing things. I just love the device.) For the curious, the large door shaped cardboard carton holds a large storm door slated to replace our current one. The little cupboard behind the weights hides our water meter.

A few things might need explanations for the visitors to my gym. The floor has a large padded mat, suitable for much core body work. The orange handle is a nifty invention that allows me to make a barbell into a kettle ball, thus saving me the expense of buying one. The large cylinders are foam rollers, a device unknown to me before the gym. Foam rolling loosens muscles and feels good too. The large white ball allows me to lean it against the wall and do wall squats. The flat black object is a step, using for ….stepping.

Of course the centerpiece is the incline bench. After failing to easily assemble it, I recruited Charlie’s help. After another hour, and after learning that of course one of the holes was slightly off center making attaching the seat a challenge, and after me getting frustrated and going upstairs, and after Charlie persevered, the bench was put together.

I would like to lie on the mat in the cool dry air and listen to music. Isn’t that why I built the gym?



31 thoughts on ““Grand Opening!”

  1. It looks great, Elizabeth. Perfect for your needs. Kudos to you for establishing this, may you look ahead to years of healthy living – with great music!


  2. I’m impressed. I just bought an elyptical, so I am hoping I will stick with it. three days in a row! Keep it up! I will encourage you!


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