“A Loaf of Bread and Blueberries?”

The grocery order came with two baguettes rather than the one I had ordered. We can only eat one in a day or so, and I had no idea what to do with the other. As it dried out I remembered bread pudding as an excellent use for stale bread. On the counter sat a large bowl of blueberries, freshly picked and not yet frozen. My husband’s blueberry garden has been particularly productive and we have had blueberries galore. Perhaps I could find a recipe for blueberry bread pudding.

I love my well worn cookbooks, but this search sent me to the internet. Here I found countless recipes, most of them requiring heavy cream, lots of butter and copious amounts of sugar. None sounded either appealing, simple or healthy. Then I ran across the “Kemptville Blueberry Bread Pudding” recipe. I planned to link it to the post, but found you would also get numerous ads. Suffice it to say it is easy to find using its title. This recipe actually asked for cubing a stale baguette! After adding skim milk,vanilla, two eggs, a cup of sugar, one and one half cups of blueberries and dotting the top with butter, I popped it in the oven.

I would have featured a photo of the product, but my husband got to it before my camera did. Best about this version is that the crunchy crust of the French bread gives the pudding a satisfying contrast between the milk soaked bread and the top. Next time you find yourself with an unexpected baguette, I recommend the treat.

35 thoughts on ““A Loaf of Bread and Blueberries?”

  1. Bread pudding was a staple dessert of my youth. It was always very sweet, and full of plump sultanas or raisins. I rarely eat it now, but your one does sound tasty! 🙂
    Best wishes, Pete.

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  2. In my mother’s stuff that we went through upon her passing was a cookbook she put together. It was a project she initiated when she was president of the PTA for my elementary school. It was 1960. Many contributed recipes and kitchen how to advice. I find it a treasure of depression era wisdom.

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  3. My favourite pudding – back in the day when I freely ate whatever I fancied – was bread and butter pudding. My father’s favourite was bread pudding. His choise always seemed too dense and doughy; my version was much lighter and with the crispy top. Your recipe sounds delicious – and way too tempting!

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