“House Guests”


A friend reminded my this morning that before the eagle was chosen to be the national bird of the United States, the turkey was under consideration. This morning I was finally able to take a picture of the mother turkey who has been frequenting our yard recently. Hard to make out, the little beaver looking blob on the fence to the right of the photo is one of her offspring facing backwards. This is the first time we have spotted the mother on top of the playhouse, but it does give her a wider view than from the top of the fence. Perhaps she is looking for the other four young turkeys.

At the moment I think that the turkey would be a much more fitting national bird than the eagle. Certainly vast portions of our country have managed to allow the covid virus to run rampant while their citizens fight over mask wearing. There is nothing soaring and majestic as an eagle in most of the nation right now. Connecticut is known as the “land of steady habits,” so I guess once we donned our masks in April amid the devastating effects of the disease here, we never stopped wearing them. We never had a chance to think they were political, so scared were we of getting sick.

So we are home still. And I expect we will remain so as it is impossible to isolate Connecticut from the rest of the country. New Zealand is an island nation and can restrict its borders and did so to contain the virus. We aren’t and we can’t. But at least we have a supply of masks in the meantime, no matter how long “meantime” ends up being.

33 thoughts on ““House Guests”

  1. We, in New Zealand are not the only “island” nation who has eliminated the virus internally…

    and we have fairly strict “inward travellers” managed quarantine facilities. We have been recently advised by our leader what will occur if community transmission steps up again…

    But yes, NZ has done well, our severe restrictions at Level 4, paid off for us…even with a variety of “rule breakers” who were quickly stamped upon. Particularly those leaving their residential ‘hood. I have an acquaintance who was visited at her home, by the police after she decided she wanted to walk on a small, out-of-the-way beach – driving 4 suburbs to do it. The locals knew she wasn’t a local, reported her numberplate to the “dob it in” website that was operating…

    I’m real sorry that your world is upside down with the virus…and I’m also so sad. I know that everyone who blogs or comes to our blogs, is doing the best they can in the circumstances, may that continue – gentle hugs to those who need it…

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  2. The turkey looks huge on top of the playhouse. Also a beautiful bird in its own way but definitely lacking the majesty of a soaring eagle. I’ve been wearing a mask here since the middle of March and am amassing quite a collection of them; I agree we’re in it for the long haul. Strange how even a simple thing like wearing a mask – which has proven to be effective and recommended by health experts – has been so politicized. Strange times indeed.


  3. I find the whole situation to be perplexing. I cannot fathom why, despite hard science, Americans continue to put themselves and others at risk.


  4. That mama turkey on the roof of a very cool playhouse is quite the photo. I didn’t know the turkey was up for consideration as our national bird. The Eagle was clearly the best choice. And if everyone wore masks and avoid congregating, we would have this virus under control. Excellent post, Elizabeth.


  5. I never imagined that wild turkeys still roosted near gardens. I am so used to seeing them en masse in fields, or in huge factory farms. It made for an unusual and interesting photo, Elizabeth.
    Best wishes, Pete.


  6. I agree with Pete; I’ve not thought about wild turkeys ambling around gardens. Perhaps she’s hoping you’ll open that door so she can move into the playhouse! (Am refraining from making a comment about politicians and turkeys. I can only sympathise with your situation and agree with other UK comments that we have a long way to go here too.)


  7. From outside it just looks bizarre. Friends from other countries ask me to explain mask protests expecting I would understand the sentiment. I have some thoughts but mostly anything I say to explain it just sounds irrational for good reason.

    I have seen a few articles recently asking the question “Why are some countries doing well and others like the US having massively increasing case numbers. Even the New York Times wrote a bizarre article with the headline “No one knows what Thailand is doing right but it is working. (Can the country’s low rate of coronavirus infection be attributed to culture? Genetics? Face Masks? Or a combination of all three?)” It seems patently obvious to me. Some countries made it easy to stay home, self-isolate and then required masks and social distances as they paid close attention to scientists as they re-opened. Others chased some delusional idea of “freedom” and entitlement and let the MBAs override the MDs’ advice about reopening. It’s not rocket science.

    I do hope sometime soon people come to their senses.


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