“Another One Bytes The Dust”

311A4105-4983-4EBF-A276-708B2D40D189We have had a great run, but I am saying good bye to my beloved IMac. It has served me as faithfully as all of its predecessors over the last forty years. I remember  my state of the art Leading Edge computer which allowed me to retire my IBM Selectric typewriter. I could now “process” words and more. I could “cut and paste.” ( Ironic  that the old journalism terms were used for this new machine’s capabilities.) So Word Perfect and MS-DOS and games that were all text based are in the past. So many skills so quickly obsolete. But I should be able to make a fairly smooth transition this time.

It is too difficult to continue Blogging on my IPad, so I will be silent for the week it takes my new machine to be built and shipped. I will—to echo General MacArthur—return!


30 thoughts on ““Another One Bytes The Dust”

  1. Sorry of the date of your beloved companion. WordPefect and MS-Dos are old friends of mine as well. Yes u will soldier on. My new iPad has been shipped and should arrive tomorrow. See you on the flip side.


  2. I didn’t use or own a computer until 2002, and that was a laptop running Windows XP. before that, I had a Brother Electronic Typewriter, and I was far too scared of the Tech to even look at a PC. When I got the laptop, I spent most of the day at a friend’s house while he showed me how to use the basics.
    Best wishes, Pete.


  3. Glad to hear the transition to your new computer will be a smooth one. Tthe time it takes to get used to those tiny but many changes that come with a new computer is what keeps me hanging on to my old laptop.


  4. The cycle repeats. Just when we’re entirely comfortable with our present model, something comes along to replace it with more bells and whistles.


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