“Too Late Here, Too Soon Gone”

Yesterday marked the third anniversary of the death of my little sister. She was two weeks late entering the world. Sadly she left here before me, succumbing to her third bout of breast cancer at age 64. I miss her cheerful demeanor, her deep Christian faith, her commitment to her grandchildren.

When you lose a sibling, you lose someone to share inside family jokes. Who else knew what it meant when our mother was “on high beam?” Who else could mimic my father’s “don’t crowd me,” whenever we needed a laugh?

Love you, sis.

44 thoughts on ““Too Late Here, Too Soon Gone”

  1. I was going to do a fundraiser walk with a team for twenty-four hours in the name of cancer research, but that’s another thing COVID messed up. I’m glad you have so many great memories of your sister.

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      1. Oh wow! Gilbert is the name of one of the worst hurricanes to hit Jamaica. Naturally, all we ever do on the island is make jokes about it. It either came when I was a baby or the year before I was born. 😂 How did she pick the name? Does it have any cultural references here?


  2. So sorry for your loss. I’m currently going thru chemo for breast cancer and sadly lost my brother in March this year. He was my best friend and its hard doing this without him but I hope he is with me somehow. Take care x


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