“Bridging the Distance”

I bought this porch swing six years ago, remembering how much I had loved sitting on a similar one at my grandparents’ house. But the years passed and my grandchildren were too busy running, jumping and playing to want to sit on the swing. Then came the pandemic and it turned out that the space between my chair and a person sitting on the swing was 6 feet, the required space to communicate without masks. Now each evening as it cools off a little I can sit and talk to one or the other of them face to face. It almost seems normal!

I am forced today to deal with the new WordPress editor. I know that they warned, threatened, cautioned, coaxed and tried their best to convince me that it was going to happen. Still, somehow, I stayed in denial until today. I am going to try to muddle through. Clearly no one in charge thought of the stupidity of introducing a new editor in the middle of a pandemic. I suspect they are related to the “leader” of my country who is now proposing a cut in the capital gains tax (benefiting only the very richest) instead of tackling the massive unemployment situation.

But as we have gathered, I am not in charge, either of WordPress or of the present regime. My granddaughter suggests I think about romance instead. She may have a point!


38 thoughts on ““Bridging the Distance”

  1. Such a delightful place to sit, especially now and with your grandchildren. Regarding the new editor, it’s still possible to use the old classic editor if you prefer. Plenty do it seems!

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  2. I agree with your granddaughter. For all that I am an English teacher and read lots of serious material for my work and all that, when I pick up a book that is just for me, it is almost always a romance novel. Sometimes what we all need is just a good escape. 🙂

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  3. These new improvements rarely are. Certainly not until you get used to them! And they managed to ruin Twitter in ways that I must conclude make it easier for advertisers. certainly makes it far less attractive and convenient for actual users.

    My site has been all ajump and cranky since the upgrade.

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  4. I am still clinging on grimly to the old (2012) editor. If they force the new one on me I will try my hardest to still use the old one by looking up the tips like the one from Crystal Byers here.
    Best wishes, Pete.


      1. When I go to my dashboard to write a post, I go to My Site because it allows me to justify my text, and the photos are big. Then I save it, and go back to the regular classic editor to post. My Site has nothing for tags and all the details I’m used to.

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  5. There’s a block called the Classic block in there somewhere (hidden at the bottom of the “Text” option on my screen). When all else fails, you can use that until they take it away. They have finally got around to putting most of its features elsewhere among the blocks now though.
    You just have to find them…


      1. I always did find images a pig to put where I wanted them – so now I just leave them where they want to be. I did put one into a Classic block once or twice but haven’t tried for ages, now. I suspect the Classic Block’s usefulness will gradually be eroded as they wean more of us off it.


  6. I started using the Block Editor earlier this year when the threats began and have grown to like it. Even so, it’s frustrating that they continue to change things as they go along so we have to continually adapt.

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  7. I am glad you are able to spend time with your grandchildren in a pleasant and near normal way, Elizabeth. I can’t criticize your president, given the hash our leadership has made of the current situation. All administrations seem to have failed dismally.


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