Corn Coming Out of My Ears!

As you may remember, early in the spring I purchased a share of a local farm’s produce. Each Thursday we drive down the road to the farm and pick up a large tote bag full of the week’s offerings. It had been many years since I had been so in sync with the agricultural year. I have gone to the local store and purchased the vegetables I needed for the week, with a moderate amount of each.

But when I pick up the week’s bag, I remember the actual growing season and actual ripening of vegetables. And they don’t ripen a little at a time. Rather, as many can recall, they come on gangbusters at once. These couple of weeks it has been the wonderful local corn variety, Butter and Sugar(white and yellow kernels seen above.) How much corn can two people eat in a week? Well, it turns out not 12 ear! So I had to resurrect another old skill from years past–preserving corn.

As a young mother I spent at least eight hours into the night cutting, canning and pressure cooking the corn given to us by a neighbor. I watched a horror movie Night of the Lepus as I worked. Giant radioactive rabbits and corn preservation have been irrevocably merged in my brain ever since. Since we now own a freezer, and since it is just a dozen ear at a time, I can slice off the kernels, bag them and freeze them.

Just to be on the safe side, however, I listen to music instead of turning on the Movie Channel.

45 thoughts on “Corn Coming Out of My Ears!

  1. Isn’t it funny how a movie or even a song can be so connected to an event. Hubby grew up in Pennsylvania with an abundance of corn. His mother always made chicken corn pie. Yum!


  2. We get that variety (or maybe under a different name)…yes much nicer and sweeter than the regular crop. We’re they slightly smaller in length or just as big


  3. The corn looks beautiful. But now I can’t get the image of a giant radioactive rabbit waiting to prey on an unsuspecting woman who is preserving corn in her kitchen …


  4. You chose my favorite variety of corn. I understand that some things are okay canned, but fresh corn and canned corn are no comparison.


  5. of course when you saw all the ears, you probably thought – what the heck? But I see you have got onto it all and the excess is ready to eat whenever you desire a bit of corn.


  6. What an image, corn canning and radioactive rabbits! 😆 But seriously, it must be very satisfying to collect such fresh and seasonal produce and go on to preserve it. Such a great scheme!


  7. The corn looks wonderful. Here we get two varieties, in one the corns are a little hard and people who sell them roast them on embers and add salt and certain spices. We get them pressure cook them too. The other variety is called American sweet corn, it is softer and sweeter and cooks in five minutes. It is very tasty.


  8. Beautiful corn! The other day Michelle and I drove by a huge field of corn not too far from here. It was burnt to a crisp by the sun, still standing, but brown and dead. So much potential food gone.


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