“Back To Basics”

When I was three I had shoulder length hair held back from my face with barrettes. My hair was light brown and very fine with just a bit of wave. Thanks to the pandemic I had been unable to get a haircut for five months. Although I have been cutting Charlie’s hair I didn’t want to risk having him cut mine. So I have been letting my short all over layered hair grow and grow for the first time since my 20’s. Once I had a short haircut, I never experimented, always going with about the same cut.

Two weeks ago I was finally able to see my hairdresser, both of us masked, with no one else in the salon, for a haircut. I had decided by then to try out a longer look and asked her to trim off the split ends of the layers and cut the rest to shoulder length. She told me that many of her clients were trying longer hair after having the chance to let it grow out. Others had stopped dying theirs.

My hair seventy years later is still light brown, very fine, with just a bit of wave, down to my shoulders with the shorter strands held back by barrettes. I guess everything old really is new again.

45 thoughts on ““Back To Basics”

      1. I don’t know..My once “bangs” are below my chin. The hair reaches my shoulders. I have never had more than 10 or 15 gray hairs in all my 66 years. Now I see mostly gray coming in along my hairline. I’m not going anywhere near a salon right now.


  1. Mine needs attn – but it’s no where are “OTT” this time around from our recent “return to what isn’t an essential service” Level – so I can probably cope a little longer…I wear nowadays a very, very, very short cut – one that doesn’t require much scissor work!


      1. only parts of the country have “semi closed” but our borders are closed except for those willing to risk the 14 day gov’t managed quarantine – and if for some reason they test positive here either at day 3 or 12, then they have to start the whole process again in another facility for “cases of c/19” – I gather some of those risk-takers have been tourists, but in the main “returnees” who manage to get a flight home.


  2. Your photo is so cute. I wish I saw your new haircut. I hope you are happy about how it looks, and your point on people trying something new this pandemic is one of the good things that came out of it, I suppose.


  3. Never trust a man with clippers.😎 I opted for the short look (as in shave it all off.) It was okay, but after six weeks, I decided to grow it back. Now it’s back to its old thin self.


  4. Unlike many other countries up until the beginning of our latest ‘lockdown’ hairdressers were open. Seemed strange that The Golfer couldn’t ‘exercise’ is the open air but I could get my hair cut. All change and both of us were pining – I had an appt booked for the week they closed and with no sign of opening for quite a while means I’m sporting a very shaggy dog look unable to see out the front due to an overly long fringe. Tying up on top with scrunches is helping.
    Annoyed as well because at my last appointment I decided to get my nice smooth ‘all one length’ bob layered and it’s definitely looking scruffy now……..I could accept a long bob but this looks a mess. I’m not complaining about the necessary restrictions but selfishly getting this mess tamed and all these tatty looking layers cut off is certainly on my mind


  5. Well, I have had short hair since 1989,I think…but after 5 months of inattention from scissors, it grew way too long and I was so happy to have it cut again!!


  6. I’ve always loved long, or short hair. There is such a classic beauty to mid length hair, especially when it possesses gentle waves.

    As for me? Mine never gave me a chance to change styles once I hit 55 or so. Where most men’s hair recedes, mine rushed into a full retreat, leaving the back and sides to fend for themselves. So I keep it all short.


  7. My hair started turning grey decades ago and I coloured it for years. I had a suspicion that I’d like it grey and made the transition a couple of years back. Like you I’ve also let it grow over this year and haven’t felt inclined to have it short again. I’m quite liking long silver hair 😊


  8. Something new, how exciting!
    I have cut my own hair & hubby’s for years. You’re right we do seem to keep to our tried & tested style Elizabeth.
    Maybe it’s time for a change! 😀


      1. My style is similar to a Farrah Fawcett cut of the the late 70s-80s although over the years my once very wavy hair has become straighter & straighter with age.
        So it doesn’t have the bounce it once had for that syle, I have compensated with a little tweaking over the years but the basic style is still there.
        It’s a two layer cut with a feathering of the front creating layers to flick back. I wear it shoulder length now although over the years it has been much longer.
        I started a hairdressing apprenticeship out of school but a year in found my skin didn’t fair so well with the chemicals so had to change careers.
        But I had learnt some valuable cutting & styling skills in that time!
        I need two mirrors to cut my own hair & use differing self taught techniques for the task. 😀


  9. I stopped getting highlights two years ago. I am naturally blonde, and now a bit darker with some grey that blends in so I figured, what the heck! Around the end of May I couldn’t stand my hair any more; it had gotten so long and scraggly. I decided to order the best scissors I could find on Amazon and cut it myself. I may never go back to the hairdresser again!


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