“New Kitchen Toy”

My husband has rarely met a tool he hasn’t wanted. He has electric drills, saws, and sanders along with countless hand tools and some things he has fashioned himself(a tool to clean the gutters without getting on a ladder.) I, on the other hand, have never met a small kitchen appliance without immediately realizing that, though I have never heard of it before, I MUST have it.

Hence the new air fryer, pictured above, now stored in my dining room since my kitchen is too full to keep it there. No one is coming over because of the pandemic, so no one is around to ask why it is sitting in the dining room! Originally these devices seemed to be made for people to heat frozen french fries and frozen chicken nuggets, so I had no interest in them. But recently I read a review and learned that they were excellent for roasting vegetables with less oil and reheating food while keeping its crunch(unlike a microwave.) In essence they are tiny convection ovens that fit on the counter(if your counter isn’t already full!), and neither take time to heat nor warm the kitchen. There are only two parts to wash, so clean up is easy.

So far I have roasted brussels sprouts, little potatoes, corn on the cob and zucchini. I reheated chicken cutlets with a crunchy topping. Everything came out perfectly, and the kitchen remained cool on the hot summer days I was cooking.

Now about that Sous Vide contraption presently consigned to the basement. I guess I can’t win them all!

36 thoughts on ““New Kitchen Toy”

  1. I’ve wondered about those; I’m glad you found it useful. I tend to be suspicious of all new kitchen appliances knowing that most of them will be used once, then stored, then given to goodwill till the next thing comes along. Though my husband – who is less skeptical than I – did buy a Vitamix blender and uses it almost daily for fruit smoothies, so there is that. 😉

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  2. I’m glad you like kitchen gadgets as much as I do. I have used my air fryer to cook white potatoes and sweet potatoes in various ways. We love reheating things that were once crisp, because they are really good. I have to say, our use went down when extra people lived here. My fryer is on the small side, and it’s hard to fit double recipes in it. I’m sure I would use it much more often if only John and I lived here.

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    1. I got a fairly big one since it was my first purchase. I can do a couple of pounds of vegetables at a time which is convenient for leftovers. I snack on leftover roasted vegies.


  3. That looks like a useful tool. I’m not exactly in your husband’s class, but I know much more about hardware tools than ones for the kitchen.


  4. I’m a gizmo person too – there’s not a lot of spare worktop left in my kitchen (there’s no point keeping things in cupboards where you can’t find them when you might have used them).
    My halogen oven (calls itself an air fryer when I put the bit on top with the ventilation holes) takes up more space than yours, but it cooks stuff without having to turn on the oven and wait for it to warm up. It also seems to brown things all over without having to turn them… which is another plus for me.

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  5. I just got one as well and used it for the first time yesterday! 😂 It all started with dad. He wanted one for Christmas last year, so I bought him one. Then, it broke a few months ago. That same week, a client offered to send me a fancy one to test. It WAS ENORMOUS, so I let my parents test and keep it and decided to keep their warranty replacement. The replacement only just came recently. I made salmon in 15 minutes. I quite like it! ☺️


      1. I didn’t do anything special. 😂 One cork of vinegar, some garlic powder, some Creole seasoning. Then I set the air fryer to 355 degrees and put it inside for about 14 minutes. I’ve also done shrimp in there the same. The shrimp was even better.


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