“Natural Consequences”

I hope that the President fully recovers from the covid virus that he has now contracted. There are no sounds of rejoicing on my end. But I have often thought of Oedipus and Icarus as Trump insisted that he wouldn’t wear a mask despite endless recommendations from medical and scientific professionals. Sadly the press reports that many people in the White House, out of deference to his disdain of masks, also failed to wear them.

There are reports lately of “pandemic fatigue,” prompting people to forgo masks and social distancing. I tried to imagine people in England complaining of “bombing fatique” and deciding to end blackout curtains. Somehow despite the occasional use of the word “war” in relation to the virus, many people still don’t recognize the need to follow common sense recommendations to combat the “enemy.”

As a parent I had many opportunities to recognize natural consequences, those that follow as a matter of course from certain behaviors. Forgo dinner and you will get hungry later. Stay up too late watching television and you may be underprepared for a school test. And sometimes, despite grumbling, I said the natural consequence of not buckling a seat belt meant I wasn’t starting the car.

The virus now rampant in the United States is apolitical. We have very few ways to prevent its spread, but we do have them. Wear masks. Socially distance. Wash hands. Stay out of bars. Avoid indoor crowded conditions. None of us is too important or too tired or too annoyed to do any less.

18 thoughts on ““Natural Consequences”

  1. On one hand I was flabbergasted when I saw the news last night; on the other hand not, since he has disregarded all medical advice concerning mask wearing and social distancing, In so doing he has made himself the negative example that perhaps will help others take the advice more seriously. This virus is real and is not a respecter of persons.


  2. Our 2nd wave here in Victoria is slowly waning – pandemic fatigue is now on the increase. The last few days have been sunny & warm….hot even so what do we see on the beaches but hordes of youngsters living it up. Not all wearing masks…going to have half a face ‘tanned’ not a good look. No social distancing….how can we talk to each other that far apart. All much too old but obviously not sensible enough to heed any advice their mother’s (or father’s even) might give them.
    And I suppose I shouldn’t really say it (not being a citizen) but that man should have known better.

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  3. Surprised and yet not surprised. But also suspicious as we’ve been lied to so much for so long.

    We’re seeing a definite resurgence here. Yesterday Ontario broke its record for daily new cases. The same record we created just a couple of days ago. And yes, most of it is due to the myth of pandemic fatigue reinforced by the media.

    I think we’re a few days away from another strict lockdown. Our city’s public health officer is asking the province to tighten rules, closing in-restaurant dining back up, closing gyms. Somehow bars remain sacred having been reopened but then having had their hours cut so they close at 11. They only *just* closed strip clubs. There were a couple outbreaks related to them in our city – and unsurprisingly many of the names people left in the logs for contact tracing were aliases.

    I understand the need to keep these businesses – and their employees afloat. But at the same time at some point we have to be sensible – or risk this time having an outbreak our hospitals can’t manage.


      1. I don’t get it either. I understand why liquor stores are still open – withdrawal can be a big deal for some people and send them to the hospital. But bars? I get it, they’d like to be open because they’d like to keep their livelihoods. But what makes them more special than, say, a clothing store? I think our culture has a very weird relationship with alcohol is what.


  4. I have no sympathy for the odious smug man, and refuse to wish him well. His bravado has caused suffering to countless thousands of people, and he desrves all he gets. That said, I am also suspicious of just how ill he is, given four years of constant lies.
    Best wishes, Pete.


  5. I wish him no harm either, but how lucky is he to have the best medical care available even, apparently, before it is necessary. I only wish everyone who contacted the virus had the same privilege.


  6. The GOP/ tRumpian incompetence, deliberate ignorance, and hubris is unfathomable.

    There is a phrase for it: Depraved indifference.

    So many infected at the #SuperSpreader Rose Garden event to celebrate a potential justice would cheerfully remove health care from all of us. May the same level of health care now being extended to those affected be extended to all Americans.

    It is not so hard to do.

    What is hard is having to have compassion for those criminals and grifters now suffering who would destroy health care to others. So – wishing no ill on anyone – I say again: Fuck tRump and all his enablers


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