“Herd Insanity”

When the first large group of covid cases showed up in Connecticut, they were attributed to what is now called a “superspreader” event. In this case it was a large party, attended by over fifty people, who were exposed to someone with the virus and many of whom fell ill. At the time we had little or no knowledge of the transmission efficiency of this virus and hadn’t yet issued advice to the public. For a while we were just advised to stay away from each other and wash our hands often. In fact we were asked not to wear masks so they could be used by medical professionals.

In time the greatest risk factors were developed and general advice was given to the public to wear masks, wash hands frequently, stay out of bars, practice social distancing and avoid large indoor gatherings. My state government followed all these dictates and Connecticut has been able to hold its infection rate to among the lowest in the nation. We all still are to follow the advice first given in late spring to wear masks, stay six feet apart and wash our hands. Bars are still closed and indoor gatherings are limited in size.

Tragically or foolishly depending on your view of things, the White House held what is now believed to be a “superspreader” event of its own to introduce a Supreme Court nominee to a gathering of leaders. As you can see from the photos, no social distance was provided and few wore masks. In a group setting where the guidelines were disregarded most attendees followed the “herd,” putting their own and their families at risk. Many attendees, including the leader of the United States, caught covid.

As a country we deal with a virus grievously out of control, felling some 40,000 people a day with our death toll over 200,000. Next time you feel peer pressure to be like the others in a social setting, take a deep breath(far back from the crowd) and just say no.

19 thoughts on ““Herd Insanity”

  1. Yes, the whole world knows about Donald Trump’s illness and the reasons for it. My family are following very strict regulations and rules, we wear masks in public, we use hand sanitizer and wash everything to death and we social distance as much as possible.


  2. Trump and his cronies were gambling with a lot of lives by making that very public gesture in the Rose Garden. He rolled the dice, hoping to prove his crackpot theories. So now everyone knows he was wrong, but his fans are still going to vote for him.
    Best wishes, Pete.


  3. Sorry, it has to be said. Most of the public these days are idiots. Who in their right mind, follows someone that convinces them that the government is trying to take away their rights, by mandating masks during a pandemic.

    Down here, the stores post that a mask must be worn, yet the clerks don’t wear one. Makes no sense.
    We even had universities holding Covid parties. You put money in the pot, invite someone that is positive for Covid-19. The first one to test positive after the party, wins the pot. That, describes our universities perfectly.


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