“Surprised By Ghee”

After a few days off for a medical procedure, I returned to the kitchen to catch up with processing my batch of vegetables from the farm share. I had one very large cauliflower and several winter squash. I like to use my new air fryer(center photo) for these. The cauliflower roasted with olive oil and zatar seasoning. The squash I roast and then scoop out the innards, throw out the seeds(which I could roast too) and mash it with a little butter and maple syrup. For several hours I was running the air fryer on the kitchen counter.

This morning my husband told me that the butter had dissolved in its crock. We keep fresh butter in the jar shown on the left which holds it hovering above cool water keeping it just the right temperature to spread. I took a look at the contents and realized that the butter had indeed dissolved. In fact it contained ghee(photo on the right) separated from the milk solids.

We tried to figure out how that could have happened. I thought maybe the crock had been too hot(making it his fault) and he thought maybe it was the butter I had purchased(making it my fault). As you can see covid isolation has not cured us of fault finding. Then I realized that the air fryer had been running most of the day in front of the butter crock. It had been putting out a constant stream of heated air directly onto the butter.

Inadvertently, I had invented an easy way to make ghee. Now to find that Indian recipe I just saw that required it!

23 thoughts on ““Surprised By Ghee”

  1. Ghee is widely available here because of the large Indian community in Britain. I would not usually cook with it though, due to its rather excessive fat content. I like your butter crock with water-fed temperature control. I have never seen one of those, and I’m now on the lookout for one locally. 🙂
    Best wishes, Pete.


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