“An Easier Way”

Beetley Pete commented that he hadn’t seen a butter crock like this before and that he had watched some video on You Tube to see how it worked. I was intrigued, so I watched a couple of them myself. They made the process more difficult than I find it. They had one soften a stick of butter in a dish and then spread and pack it down into the crock.

Fortunately I had never seen the videos when I figured out how to fill the crock. I simply set a stick of butter on its end until it is softened. Then I unwrap it and using the wrapper to cover one end I smoosh it down into the crock. Ours from King Arthur flour holds one stick perfectly. No butter on my hands, no bowl or spoon to wash.

I haven’t made a You Tube video. Too much work. As you can see from the above method, I prefer the easy approach.

25 thoughts on ““An Easier Way”

  1. I’ve never seen that type of butter crock. I might have to try it. I usually keep my butter in a covered dish on the counter and had no problems – other than all the crumbs that it seems to collect!


  2. Unfortunately I’m not allowed butter (not even ‘mock butter spreads) – which in a way is good because I like nothing better than bread slathered with real butter…..inches thick!
    When I did buy the butter dish we had was a ceramic tray with a lid similar to old fashioned cheese dishes with lids. Yours must be an ‘overseas model’ 😊


      1. Our refrigerators in Australia have compartments especially for butter, kept at a certain temperature from the rest of the refrigeration, for butter to have a spreadable consistency throughout summer. Otherwise ours too would be Ghee, in our very hot summers 😀


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