“Really Good Security”

I had fully intended to spending yesterday afternoon doing further genealogical research and continuing to post about it. Instead I found my afternoon taken up with the kind of electronic insanity that fellow blogger Beetleypete wrote about a short time ago when trying to unlock his phone. My granddaughter had lost her phone a couple of weeks ago. She was waiting to save enough money to buy a new one, and she was doing all of her communicating and school work on her IPad. All was going well. Famous last words when electronics are involved.

The IPad refused to charge, so she came over to have me help. After consulting with Apple, we learned she needed to bring it into the shop. The first available appointment was a week away. No problem, she thought. All her work was on the Cloud. She simply needed to sign on to the Cloud and retrieve what she needed.

BUT…it turns out that to sign onto to the Cloud, even with her Apple ID and her Apple password she needed to use a verification number that they would send to …her missing phone. We exhausted the expertise of the first very patient Apple Support person. She passed us on to the Senior Apple Advisor. She showed remarkable patience and tried many different ways to work around the problem.

Sadly, in the end, unless the IPad can be restored, she will have to wait for the “powers that be” to realize that she is indeed herself and unlock the Cloud for her. Apparently this can take between two and thirty days depending on “the electronic decision process.”

Mission not accomplished, we ordered takeout using MY phone.

28 thoughts on ““Really Good Security”

  1. As you quoted my personal frustration with an almost identical situation, then you know how much I can sympathise with your plight! 🙂
    (When I got the phone back, I disabled the lock code function. Twitter decided to allow me back without the verification code being sent. But it took 14 days of ‘quarantine’.)
    Best wishes, Pete.


  2. Close to Home: When will WordPress provide even a modicom of protection against hackers? How about a blacklist of Comments sent to Trash? How about optional filtering by country of origin? Setting such a default in not zenophobia. To reframe the old joke, we don’t have to be faster than the bear, just faster than other website tools. Does anyone know of another provider who handles security, hacking, etc. better than WordPress. We are paying a premium here. I hope for Premium support. Don


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