“Getting Soaked”

That little red pin in the center of all that yellow and green is our home. The yellow and green represent heavy and not quite as heavy rainfall. As you can see I am presently surrounded by rain. I have still not become used to the weather patterns here. When I lived on the West Coast, most of the rain came directly off the Pacific Ocean and blew due east dropping its moisture on our side of the Cascade Range of mountains. It rained a lot in Portland, month after month, most often as a constant drizzle.

Today, as is so often the case in New England, the weather has come up from the southwest, moving in a diagonal across us and out to the Atlantic Ocean. That means if there has been a storm to the south, especially during hurricane season, it will likely make its way to us. This time the weather has just arrived as a low level tropical storm, with the word “tropical” giving away its origins.

I have been enjoying our unusual months of dry weather. While we had teetered on the edge of a real drought, it never turned that dire for us. In fact it wasn’t until last week that they asked us to not do unnecessary watering outdoors. But it’s wet now. Very wet. Miserably wet. And it looks to be that way for a couple more days.

Somewhere there are relieved farmers. Somewhere there are relieved landscapers. Somewhere there are relieved well owners. But here there is one grumpy covid bound writer!

30 thoughts on ““Getting Soaked”

  1. It rained for 25 hours solid here from 5 pm yesterday, until 6 pm tonight. We have had one totally dry day in the last 15, and that followed one of the wettest Septembers on record. I am so sick of rain, I don’t care if I never see another raindrop for the rest of my life.
    Best wishes, Pete.


  2. Same here – a bit to the East of Pete (although not far by US standards) and down in London for the past week. Fortunately it stopped just long enough for my stepson to get my new shed up. All we have to worry about now is getting a dry enough window to walk the dogs. 😦


  3. I think this whole “thing wrapping 2020 together” is making us “grumpy” – yes I know I’m elsewhere and safe “for now” but we already in our tiny region had to “slip back to lockdown” and that just made it a whole another ball game of “grumpiness”

    Then the weather goes into an unusual mode and there we are again “grumpy” … Spring in NZ, often springs back and forwards to a point where you wonder if we should just cancel Spring and decide that like our 2.5 lockdown – it’s spring.5


    1. Here I think the motto of those in charge has been “abandon all hope and charge ahead.” At least I like my husband since I will be home with him for the foreseeable future and beyond.


  4. I keep offering friends from wet climates to share their “wealth” with us in Southern California. No rain for a long long long time. We were promised rain one day last week. I was outside watering my plants, when two drops landed on my head. The end. No more moisture from the sky.


  5. The rain relief must have been great for many. After all, we’re farm country here. But, I have also enjoyed a dry summer and also one of the most beautiful autumns in a long time. And this week? With preschoolers stuck indoors and Halloween excitement looming, it has been… Busy? Challenging? Halloween is a full moon, the first time since the 40’s. It’s also a blue moon. I think there’s something brewing ahead.


  6. Since you used to live in the Pacific Northwest, I know you know the climate in northern California. We typically get all our rain in the winter, but we’re on our third drought year in the last four. That, combined with the winds and climate change, is a recipe for the worst year of wildfires in our history. It seems wherever one lives, there is always something to deal with in terms of weather.


  7. Similar weather and weather patterns here. For so many days – almost six straight months – I would go out for runs and bike rides and have zero worries about rain. Now, though, it’s happening several times a week. And just above freezing. Still getting outside, though!


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