“First Of The Season”

After all my grumbling yesterday about rain from the southwest, a little cold air arrived from the north and turned the rain into our first light snowfall. Our growing season is around April 30 to October 30 with a hard frost likely around then. Yesterday we picked up the final bag of farm produce from our seasonal share. We received beets, cauliflower, carrots, brussel sprouts and squash, a true sampling of fall vegetables.

Next year we will begin receiving a share of the year’s crops beginning around the end of April as they begin to be available. In the meantime we will rely on frozen and canned vegetables with some supplementing from roots that last such as squash. Lots of soups, stews and hot bread and rolls promise suppers designed for colder days and longer nights.

Let it snow a little more today and let it melt later. We need to let the leaves finish falling from the trees before we really enter winter. For those of you in Southern climes, enjoy the sounds of early snow. For those in the North, time to gas up the snowblower.

32 thoughts on ““First Of The Season”

    1. Snow here too on Friday and made everything orange and red and brown sparkle. Back to rain now. We have a couple more CSA pick-ups, No Brussels as yet – they do like a touch of frost. Have really enjoyed the serendipity of selections.


  1. I guess because I live in a state where it snows infrequently (although in Bham, we may get one or two a year) I love the sound, smell and look of new snow. I am not a fan of the dark demise though when it turns to slush and mixes up with the dirt.


  2. We’ll have the temperatures here tonight but not the moisture but we’ll be there soon enough. I say it every year but this time I really mean it. I am not going to throw my hands up and say “I hate winter, I can’t do it!” and stay inside. I’ve gone 202 consecutive days going out for active exercise and experiencing my city and it has made all the difference. I’m not going to stop this now. Last night I attended a “winter cycling” workshop and that’s the plan. I may not be cycling on trails if they get too slippery but if the roads are relatively clear I’m going out. I’m going to enjoy it, darn it!


  3. It was only supposed to be a few inches and then gone by noon. Wrong! Four inches of heavy snow means the trees with leaves aren’t ready. It was beautiful.


  4. That was truly delightful Elizabeth! Thank you for sharing that today.
    We are having strange Spring weather here in the Southern Hemisphere, a lot colder & wetter then normal with only a few sunny spring days.


      1. Snow is totally unpredictable in the NC mountains. It snowed on Thanksgiving the first year we were here. We’ve had one storm dumping enough snow that John shoveled our driveway. Mostly, snow doesn’t stick at all. If it does, it melts by the next day. Schools are often closed for weather, though. School buses and slick mountain roads are not a good mix. For the most part, the weather here is quite decent. In summer, mountains cool off at night, and we never have those unbearably hot and sticky nights we had in NY and TN.


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