“Curses, Foiled Again”

I actually don’t mind feeding squirrels from the seed feeders I have in the yard. I buy seed by the 20 pound bag and the birds eat the majority of it. But the three varieties of woodpeckers we have near us love to eat suet cakes. These are costly and a squirrel can eat her way through one in no time. Starlings, an unwelcome invasive bird, love suet too. They will swoop in at once and clean out a couple of suet cakes in an afternoon.

After looking for a solution, and not finding one, I finally stopped putting suet cakes out. The expense was not justifiable since I was merely feeding squirrels and starlings. Even if a small woodpecker was eating, when a group of starlings landed they drove him away.

Then reading about squirrel proof feeders(an oxymoron by the way) I ran across this suet feeder. (I get no kickbacks from the company and there is no link to it.) A weight sensitive cage holds two suet cakes which are accessible from the front and the back. When a squirrel lands on the cage, it drops down covering the suet.

What about starlings? One starling doesn’t weigh enough to close the cage. But starlings never let one eat alone. Soon enough more fly over and the cage drops. They then begin to fight among themselves and no one gets to the suet.

To my great delight the woodpeckers are back and enjoying their well deserved fatty treat.

18 thoughts on ““Curses, Foiled Again”

  1. That’s a good device indeed. I don’t put out such feeders, I just throw things onto the grass, or put seeds on the bird table. I don’t mind what eats it, whether robins, pigeons, blue tits, blackbirds or starlings. 🙂
    Best wishes, Pete.


  2. I’m sure you’ve seen some of the videos on YouTube that show how smart squirrels solve puzzles to getting food. It’s rather startling how determined and crafty they are.


  3. No squirrels here, there used to be starlings but I haven’t seen any for years. Now we have possums a plenty, some feed them others say no…..the ‘common brushtail’ is a protected Australian native and the rotten little bu***ers eat whatever they like. Fruit Flowers….roses are a specialty dish for them, nice green leafy shoots.
    That’s good that you’ve found something that seems to work so the woodpeckers will be able to get some nourishment during the winter months


  4. nice one, congratulations

    no squirrels in New Zealand – and the possums that Cathy is chatting about are not a protected species here – they munch through forests as if they are on a race track, they love many fruits but will often eat the centres and leave the skins hanging on the branches…AND if you have a corrugated tin roof they love to keep you awake, dancing the night away…

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