“New England Weather”

Two Tramps in Mud Time by Robert Frost

Robert Frost, the poet, really understood the kind of weather we have had this past week. One day it was 70 degrees and we sat outside in short sleeved shirts and soaked up the sun. Two days later it was 32 degrees and lightly snowing. The weather in New England can be a trickster for sure.

24 thoughts on ““New England Weather”

      1. That’s wonderful! Our favorite drive is Vermont, route 7A that parallels route 7. It starts in Bennington (just,above the Massachusetts border) and goes north. We pass through Arlington, home of Norman Rockwell, and also Frost’s home.


        1. Thanks. That sounds great. We have been to Bennington but hadn’t thought of looking for Frost’s home. We have visited Rockwell’s studio in Stockbridge which was great fun.

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        2. You’re welcome! I love the Bennington Museum. Their Grandma Moses collection is the best! Just head north on 7A, and the rest is right there. I was a bit sad when the Rockwell Museum moved from his home in Stockbridge to the big new location. Yes, it has much more room to display his work, but…

          One of my fondest memories is taking my dad to the Rockwell Museum. Mother refused to go, because it wasn’t ‘real art’ in her opinion. Dad and I knew better. We had the best day ever, and he was able to see his favorite Rockwell, “Saying Grace.” If you head north and make this drive, let me know. I really love Frost’s stone house.


  1. Brilliant! That’s exactly the sort of weather we were having a week or so ago – lovely sunshine and then it would start to hail. Crazy weather! But we ‘have weather’ in Cumbria – in London it was never so diverse, or at least not obviously so.


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