As I enjoyed pictures of spring from around the blogosphere, I began to despair that the season would ever change here. Between a year lost to covid(I have heard that spring came last year, but I was too busy hunting for toilet paper to notice) and a long winter I had forgotten what a boost spring can be. Then I came out of the kitchen and saw our azalea just beginning to show its glory. Of course gale force winds and cold drenching rain are forecast for later this afternoon, so the blossoms may get destroyed. But I did see them and I did manage to photograph them before they blew away!

The deck is ready for company since in the end my husband put the chair together for me. The robins seem to have abandoned the eaves. A great pile of straw and little branches litters the porch. I don’t know the story, but there seems to have been some domestic disagreement about the proposed housing. Of course the robins aren’t airing any of their private business.

We have just begun to socialize with other vaccinated friends. Since most of us are “up in years,” we all got the shots as soon as we could. We actually had a couple over for dinner Saturday, thoroughly enjoying seeing each others’ facial expressions, freed at last from our masks.

And the policeman in Minneapolis was convicted of the murder that viewers around the world saw take place.

Finally a cluster of good news!

14 thoughts on ““Finally!”

  1. Glad to hear you are socialising again. I had my second jab this afternoon, so we are both now fully vaccinated. Just need everyone else to catch up with us now. 🙂
    Best wishes, Pete.


  2. Love the azaleas. Mine are lagging behind and sparse right now. And I live in azalea country. My box roses are doing a little better. It has been a good week hasn’t it? the world is looking up


  3. Reading this post gives me hope that we will be able to socialize again one day soon. We are not as advanced in Canada with vaccination but are hopeful that by summer we can have small gatherings.


  4. Love your Azaleas Elizabeth.
    We’re still waiting for our vaccinations, with the ever changing goal posts for the various priority & age groups. Because of the side effects becoming more known of the differing vaccines. But we’ll eventually get there!
    Our govts. (Federal & State) here in Australia have done brilliantly in managing CoVid outbreaks when they happen.
    The restrictions have lessened in our state but taking precautions in our age group is still wise 😉

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