“Why Sea Otters?”

I first saw sea otters off the coast of Monterrey California and promptly fell in love with them. While they were nearly hunted to extinction for their fur, they are clinging on in small groups at various points on the Pacific Coast. I bought an otter magnet at the Monterrey Aquarium and the collection was on.

I imagine there are many women my age who have collected a lot of something or another. Some women collect spoons, others figurines, others religious artifacts. I collect sea otters. That makes buying me a card or a small gift quite easy for my family and friends. As long as it has sea otters on it I will love it.

Buy why sea otters? A quick reading about their lives may resonate with more than just me. Sea otters basically eat, play, love and rest on their backs. If they don’t want to float too far away they sometimes anchor themselves in a bit of seaweed to stay stationary. They lie on their backs and crack open shellfish and devour the insides as they float. They make excellent mothers and can be seen on their backs with their babies resting on their chest. And I can’t deny that they have the “cuteness” factor in spades.

May they increase and multiply!

19 thoughts on ““Why Sea Otters?”

  1. I too, love otters. I love all types but sea otters are particularly special to my partner and I. As you have said, they will anchor themselves and this can sometimes mean they hold hands to avoid drifting away from the group. In our early years together, when life was particularly challenging, sea otters became a source of strength for me 😊


    1. We would often lie side by side on the bed pretending that we were on a lifeboat floating on the ocean. I know exactly how otters could serve the same purpose.


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