“Good As New”

Many years ago we bought this picnic table and benches unfinished. We painted them a lovely green and used them for a while. When the paint wore down, we sanded and repainted them. Remembering how tedious this job was, we put off doing the job from summer to summer. Yes splinters were likely if you sat down too fast, but we could deal with that. Finally this month Charlie decided to restore them.

After sanding for nearly a full day he realized that it probably would have been smarter to just get a new set. But by then in for a dime in for one hundred dollars, he kept at it. Many hours of sanding, one coat of sealing primer, three coats of outdoor paint later, we moved the restored set to the deck. Sadly now the deck looks in need of a restoration. Next year—maybe.

40 thoughts on ““Good As New”

  1. I don’t comment often (my blog has been under construction for 3 years lol — some may say it’s abandoned) but I especially enjoy your blog. I like that it is exquisitely short and sweet, though oftentimes I’m left wanting to hear more of your thought. Better than going on too long, I guess. 😉

    Rub some dirt of the picnic table.


    1. I loved your comment. I constantly got comments in grad school that my writing was terse, compact or the like. Once a professor said “this paper isn’t long enough but you seem to have covered everything that was needed!” I often leave much out, but I treasure succinctness. My dad was a lawyer and he used to say “if you can’t make your case in a few words, try again.” Guess it stuck.

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  2. Our wooden garden furniture has gradually bitten the dust. We still have a large unwieldy table, but one year without treatment has set that on the road to disintegration. Our garden furniture is now plastic rattan.
    Not those big, expensive, boxy sofa-type things. We have two large, comfy chairs (from IKEA) and half a dozen bistro-style chairs from a UK bargain outlet called the Factory Shop. They weren’t expensive, don’t need treating and are comfy enough to bring indoors when we need more chairs. And the bistro chairs stack.

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  3. Charlie has done a marvellous job. Love the colour! Forget about the deck and just enjoy spending time using your restored table. Picnics galore!


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