I have been away from the blog during this time clearing, cleaning, moving furniture, and repurposing a couple of rooms. Thankfully I have hired a friend to do the actual wallpaper removal, plaster patching and painting. I have reimagined the room where I write. As you can see from the photos above, the room is currently not conducive to thoughtful writing!

For a couple of more days I will be behind on reading and commenting on my friends’ posts. Then I will return writing from a freshly repaired and painted room, this time set up to make writing easy and enjoyable. The desk will face the window, the piles everywhere will be gone, and I will no longer bang into the desk leg with my chair when I sit at the computer!

With even a modicum of self restraint I should be able to curb my pack rat tendencies. At least in my office. (I can’t promise the same for the basement and attic.)

35 thoughts on ““Rearranging!”

  1. I’m so glad I don’t have a basement or an attic in this tiny home – I do have a shed, but it was soon to see that it leaked, not just the roof – so anything out there is corralled carefully. I just moved my big living/workspace room around as I was always tripping over an object – somehow the new arrangement is better although a number of things got behind a sofa!


  2. I’m convinced it doesn’t matter how big our house is—we’ll still fill it with far too many unnecessary things.


  3. Most of my ‘stuff’ went into the loft and garage when I moved here 9 years ago. It is all still there, waiting to be ‘sorted out’. Well done, Elizabeth.
    Best wishes, Pete.


    1. It was like that when we lived on a houseboat. No extra room at all. Of course my parents’ attic was still full at the time. Much as our attic is now with my daughter’s stuff!


      1. Funny enough, I have tonnes of room in the RV. I’m proud of all the unused space I’ve got. Maybe I’ve just mastered the art of tiny living! But it’s still hard to give up the sentimental clutter, like the stuffed fish toy a stranger at a Wyoming festival randomly handed to my friend to give to me. 😅


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