“Form Follows Function 1”

I have finally finished the first stage of my restructuring process I mentioned a while back. I took a long time to consider how I now want to use the spaces of our home. When we moved here twenty years ago we had to quickly put furniture in somewhat appropriate places and resume our lives. I was working then and didn’t have the opportunity to do much more than unpack.

Above are two views of my office. Previously a calming yellow, it is now an energizing blue. Everything extraneous to my present needs are gone. On the left is my computer for writing. the desk no longer also housing unpaid bills, unanswered correspondence, and other miscellany that tends to accumulate on any horizontal surface I come near. To the right is the bookcase holding all my books about writing, both nonfiction and poetry. I relocated them from my downstairs library so that they would be close at hand as I compose.

The poster highlights a motivating quote from Sojourner Truth, reminding me of why I write. The dog and eagle on top of the bookcase represent two basic human drives: to connect(the shaggy dog) and to protect(the eagle.) I honor both when I share my writings in public.

My desk’s new position looks out a French door into our yard. It is a calming view, great for pausing for just the right phrase or word.

It is wonderful to be writing in this space and I am glad to reconnect with all of you in the months (and years, God willing) ahead.

34 thoughts on ““Form Follows Function 1”

  1. It will be many, many years yet, I am certain. 🙂
    Your space puts my 8 X 8 ‘office room’ to shame. Mine is so untidy, I would be ashamed to publish a photo of it. Happy writing, dear Elizabeth.
    Best wishes, Pete.


  2. I hope your renewed space give you renewed energy to write. I look forward to reading your blogs.
    I painted two bedrooms the same color (or very close) as yours. One is my sewing/guest room and the other is my game/guest room. I like the color very much.


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