“The View!”

We spent three nights last week by the ocean in Wells, Maine. I will write more about that in the coming days, but wanted to start with a Robert Frost poem that came to mind when I saw a row of ocean facing benches. They were occupied at the time, but this photo shows the same perches when no one was on them.

I have always loved Frost’s attempt to understand our fascination with staring at waves, ships and sea birds. We literally can’t look out too far or down too deep. Of course, he is playing with the idea that we are in deep contemplation as we gaze, hoping for some profound insights otherwise unavailable.

But as he says “when was that ever a bar?” I keep looking too, deep insight or not. Mostly not.

21 thoughts on ““The View!”

  1. I love to see people using the benches in my local (coastal) town. For a long while those on the ‘banjo’ (a concrete structure offering a walkway and protection to the beach) have been closed off for pandemic reasons. I visited the town this week – first time for several months – and was delighted to see the banjo open and the benches filled. Personally, I prefer to stand and gaze out to sea, but whatever our preferences I think we all feel the call to gaze over those waves. Glad you got away, Elizabeth; I look forward to hearing more.


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