“Not That Woodstock”

Woodstock, Vermont

The puppies were on a large estate outside the town of Woodstock, Vermont. I did have to clarify to my granddaughter that it wasn’t THE Woodstock of music festival fame. When we were in the state a few weeks ago we hadn’t driven quite as far west as Woodstock, but the town looked appealing. I had hoped that we might have lunch there after we visited the puppies.

Yankee Magazine, a widely distributed publication about New England, publishes a yearly “Foliage Issue,” directing readers to ways to enjoy the fall colors. In this year’s copy the story “31 Perfect Fall Days” caught my attention before we headed north. To my dismay, day 19 was “Be Wooed by Woodstock,” suggesting a visit to “America’s prettiest small town.” But maybe it wouldn’t be overrun.

Nope. It was totally full of cars, pedestrians and many cameras. We had to drive through to get to the farm, but it was clear we wouldn’t eat there. It was so difficult to get back onto the road that I didn’t get to see the shops since I was looking out for oncoming traffic. Even spots further east, which had been peaceful, were now also packed with visitors.

We finally settled for bagels from Dunkin Donuts and drove back home. Sadly, by the time we have to head north again on October 23 to get our puppy, foliage will be peaking. We will take a sack lunch!

14 thoughts on ““Not That Woodstock”

  1. The north coast of this county,18 miles from Beetley, is very popular with tourists in the season. So although we live so close to some of the best beaches in England, we don’t go anyhwere near them during July-September.
    Best wishes, Pete.


  2. We are the same. Cornwall is a prime holiday destination and with the current situation there have been even more tourists than usual. The shift into autumn hasn’t stemmed the flow. Good news for local businesses but we avoid the hotspots.


  3. Woodstock is charming and packed with tourists every fall. And of course you found that out the hard way. When you return it may still be crowded, but visit the general store on the main street. It’s a trip back in time. You can’t miss it. Your granddaughter will be in heaven, too. Looking forward to more on the puppy!


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