“Murder Least Foul”

I was introduced to the mystery The Thursday Murder Club by a church book group. While I never Zoomed the meeting that month, I did devour the book. Apparently well known to many, but not at all to me, Osman has written an engaging and often laugh out loud funny mystery. Starring a group of amateur sleuths in an assisted living facility, the book finds our motley crew facing an actual murder. Up until then they had tried to solve unsolved murders.

Admitting a bias, since the cleverest(sneakiest?) member is named Elizabeth, I loved the constant surprises in plot and quirky characteristics of each resident. Fortunately the book lacked overly gory details, heart stopping suspense and grinding and thrusting. As you know I don’t enjoy any of that in my mysteries.

No sooner had I finished the book then I saw he had written a second, The Man Who Died Twice. I promptly sped through it too. These aren’t long, convoluted reads. I read each one straight through in two evenings.(If I stayed up later, I could have finished each in one evening!)

So if your brain needs a break from debt ceilings, infrastructure debate, gas shortages, mask mandates and booster shots, I recommend you pick up Osman’s books.

16 thoughts on ““Murder Least Foul”

  1. I pcked up the Thursday Murder Club from our u3a book swap table and didn’t expect to enjoy it as much as i did. I didn’t realise he#d written another – thanks for the recommendation.


  2. Thanks for the recommendation! I’m always looking for a good (and not too graphic) mystery! And yes, I hope to survive the news cycle for another month, maybe ignoring it all together!


  3. Your title reminds me of an old Miss Marple movie — I think it was called MURDER MOST FOWL, about a hen-pecked rooster who murdered his old hen of a wife because she wouldn’t stop egging him on. Turned out the yolk was on the rooster because he went on the lamb, was caught, and baa-ed out in the electric roaster.


  4. Thanks for the recommendation Elizabeth- I’m looking for ‘easy to read’ for the rest of this year. Just checked my library and I’m 44 on the list, if it’s a quick read as you suggested I’ll be top in no time!


  5. Osman has become a phenomenon over here. His books are runaway best sellers and seem to appeal to a huge range of readers. I have his second one ready to go, though I’ve not yet read his first. Sometimes life happens like that and I’m assured that I won’t miss out by reading them in the wrong order. I’m delighted you enjoyed them so much, Elizabeth.


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