“Canem Obliquitur”

The dog interrupts

I had definitely forgotten how much time and attention a new puppy requires. Clearly I have abandoned my writing practice for the past while, neither posting nor reading others’ posts. I have missed it, but every time I start to gather my thoughts they are scattered. Rather like the toys, chewed up paper towel holders and chew sticks that currently litter my floor.

Yes I am very glad that we adopted our fourth Australian Shepherd puppy. I love the life that she has brought to our home. However, transitioning from a 14 year old dog who would rest peacefully at our feet while we ate to one who absolutely must chew our shoe laces during meal times has been a challenge. We are very grateful for the trainer that we hired in advance of bringing Emmy home with us. She has raised Border Collies, very similar to Aussies, and knows the joys and troubles of rearing very intelligent puppies.

She has been quite frank with us about the bad habits we managed to start in the first two weeks we had the puppy on our own. Emmy is so cute that it hadn’t bothered us that she jumps up. Casey(the trainer) appropriately pointed out that we didn’t want a full grown Aussie jumping up on us. Since we are in our 70’s, this was precisely our caution about getting another dog, so I really appreciate her knowledge.

In the years since we last had a puppy, the market has exploded with toys, chews, “enrichment activities,” and so on for dogs. You can buy old sorts of horrifying things for dogs to chew on including pigs’ noses, bull penis strips, duck heads and chicken crests. Having no wish to have any of these on our floor, I settled for quite innocuous turkey tendons. Since our dogs have been happy to eat them in the past on Thanksgiving(not the bones, just the gristle) I am content with them. Emmy loves them and they keep her away from our shoes at dinner. So does the gate between the dining room and kitchen!

Hello to all. I will try to catch up as I get some spare time!

34 thoughts on ““Canem Obliquitur”

    1. We just had a much taller gate delivered and Charlie is reading how to install it. Unfortunately just after he removed a plastic tie he read the instruction “don’t take off the plastic tie until you assemble the gate.”

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  1. Beautiful dog. Our rescue dog is 8-10, a border collie mix (we think) with severe gastrointestinal issues. She’s on a a special Rx food from Royal Canin. Like you, we’re in our 70s, mid 70s actually, and my wife talks about ‘always having a dog’. I love dogs but am really uncertain, maybe unenthusiastic, about another dog after Daisy. It’s interesting to read your comments.

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  2. I’m with you! We have a four-year-old golden and a now six-month creature. Our four year old has always been a rather quiet, easy do. Riley is much more of a challenge, and I often find myself shaking my head and asking myself exactly why I decided to say yes in a weak moment!


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