“Came Tumbling Down”

The good news is that I had my hands in my pockets so I didn’t thrust my arms out thus breaking my wrists. The bad news is that 10 days ago I fell from a full upright position to a full lying down position after catching my toe on a sidewalk flaw such as the one pictured above. I was watching a hawk instead of my feet. I have tried to be careful to either walk or look, but I was totally captured by the hawk.

I am grateful that I suffered no serious, as in broken bones or ligaments serious, damage. However, I took a knee first and then an elbow before rolling over in astonishment asking Charlie what in the world had just happened. An x-ray revealed nothing broken. My kneecap did what it was supposed to do according to my doctor and protected my knee. My bruises are ugly and swollen and will take some time to reabsorb into my system. After reassuring me that the hematomas in question were not the kind of blood clots that travel to the lungs(I never miss an opportunity to catastrophize) my doctor told me to rest until I felt better, elevating my knee and icing it periodically.

Be careful out there. It turns out to not take too much to bring any one of us to our knees.

41 thoughts on ““Came Tumbling Down”

    1. I last fell on the ice in college(over 50 years ago) and broke my tailbone. Imagine the embarrassment of sitting on a rubber donut in class! I hope it never happens again, but it is very common here also.


  1. Glad you didn’t do anything worse… when my son tripped over with his hands in his pockets he broke two teeth on a low wall. I think I’d rather risk the hands than the teeth or nose.
    Well done for getting away without either!


  2. I hope you make a full recovery soon, Elizabeth. I had been wondering where you were.
    Julie and I also had bad falls last month. I fell in the bath while cleaning the tiles above, then Julie fell backwards off a neighbour’s step and hit her head on the pavement.
    Best wishes, Pete.


  3. Wow, so sorry to hear it! But I’m glad it wasn’t worse. I’m continually reminding myself to slow down and watch where I’m going. Its too easy to be distracted especially when I have my camera in hand.


      1. I took a nature photography course once and was surprised at how much the instructor focused on safety. Too often photographers are lost in their own world, too close to edge of a cliff, or outside in the dark. At the time I didn’t understand the emphasis, but now I do!


  4. Those pavements should be arrested for jumping up and attacking us as they tend to do. The shock to the system, and dent in confidence is a major factor as we get older and frailer. Hope you are back to full capacity soon Elizabeth. 😻


  5. So glad you are, for the most part, OK. Blame it on the hawk. I had a similar experience a few years ago. I slipped on the ice at the barn where my horse is boarded and broke my wrist. I wasn’t looking where I was going because I was looking at and hurrying to greet the barn dog waiting patiently in his dog house for me to pet him. I blamed it on the dog (but I still love him dearly).


    1. I have been ultra careful around the puppy who defines “underfoot,” but lost to a sidewalk instead. I was grateful I didn’t break my wrist. My grandson broke his twice in two years falling off his skateboard. No easy break.


  6. Been there, done that, and thank goodness for hawks that lift our eyes and hearts. I’m glad you’re okay! Don’t get me started on the knees… they’re taking serious ‘workouts’ teaching preschoolers.


  7. What a nasty shock this must have been for you. I’m so pleased that nothng was broken but I’m sure it was very painful nonetheless. Take good care, Elizabeth, and rest as much as you can.


  8. Sorry to hear you took a tumble. 😔 I fell off my electric unicycle about 3 weeks ago and hurt my wrist. This is the second time I’ve hurt this wrist (I fell down a waterfall in Jamaica, the month before moving to ATL) so I imagine it will take as long as last time to heal. I have no visible bruises and I injuries, though. I hope you heal quickly!


        1. I appreciate that. By the way, the book is out of beta reading and in revision, which might be a while.

          Let me know if you’ll be able to assist with the editing. It likely won’t be ready for the next few months.

          Feel better soon!


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