“Dog Meets Snow”

Last evening our puppy Emmy encountered snow for the first time. As it landed on her, she looked at me with a degree of confusion. This morning Charlie took her out for her first experience of a light snowfall. He reported that she was mystified, picking up one paw and then the other, licking the snow and pushing it with her nose. By the time I took her out later in the morning she seems to have become slightly grumpy about the event. Where is the grass she likes to sniff? How can she dig in the leaves and why did I hide them anyway?

I hope that she comes to a better accommodation with it. This is just a taste of the inevitable snow and ice in her (and our) future. Our other dogs have loved running, jumping and burrowing in the accumulating piles. But whether she likes it or not, she will have to accept the inevitable. As do we!

27 thoughts on ““Dog Meets Snow”

  1. We had a similar?problem but with children.

    Returned to the UK from Singapore in September with 3 young children who had never experienced or remembered experiencing a cold day in their life. They certainly didn’t enjoy them when winter did arrive.
    To begin with trying to keep clothes on them was a nightmare….as time went on shoes and socks only went on when we went out and coats never stayed done up more then 5 minutes.


  2. The first time Ollie saw snow, he acted as if he had seen it every day, and ignored it. Once the local kids had made snowmen, he liked to pee on them, but otherwise took snow in his stride. 🙂
    Best wishes, Pete.

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  3. So cute Elizabeth!
    Although we don’t have snow here in Australia apart from one region where our highest peaks dwell in the south, called the Snowy Mountains.
    So she comes from a breed that has its roots in a dry, hot & dusty land 😉 I’m sure she will adapt though ☺️


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