“Eye to Eye”

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I was the shortest of the four kids, although I had a brief time of being the tallest since I was the eldest. Slowly each sibling passed me by on the wall markings similar to the picture above. At 5’4″ I consider myself a perfectly respectable height, but short in my family.

Of course I married not one but two different tall men, so I ended up with tall offspring. I can remember when each girl grew taller than I was. I had great hopes in my grandchildren that at last someone might be shorter than I am.

Alas. Yesterday my 12 year old grandson came over to visit. As I looked him eye to eye I had a creeping sense of the future. Sure enough, he told me that at his last doctor’s visit she had mentioned that his recent growth spurt was not THE growth spurt to come. She projects he will end up at over 6′.

Thank goodness I am now surrounded by family who can get things down from high places. Why they ever put things in high places is another question altogether.

34 thoughts on ““Eye to Eye”

  1. I am only (just over) 5′ 7″, not tall at all by UK standards. I was once married to a woman who was 5′ 11″ in bare feet. In our wedding photos, even with short heels, she towers above me! Fortunately, my current wife is two inches shorter than me. 🙂
    Best wishes, Pete.


  2. I understand how you feel Elizabeth!
    I’m only 5’2″ & my two 11 year old grandchildren have passed me in height already this year!
    Only the very youngest (4) are yet to surpass me.
    But all my daughter’s & other 5 grandchildren have already!
    I’m known as “little Nanny” by our 11 grandchildren! ☺️


  3. Tall shoppers come in handy in the supermarket – especially when little me can’t reach the things on the too shelves. It’s amazing what a smile can do….plus a little helpless look😊


  4. My sister is 4ft 11.5in. That half an inch is very important to her. She would relate totally to your experience. I, on the other hand, am 5ft 7in. And my 11-yr-old grandson is almost my height now. You’ve made me realise that when my 8-yr-old grandson passes me, even at my height I shall be the shortest in my immediate family 😳 Oh my goodness!


  5. Three of my children are vertically moderate – their father’s family weren’t tall – but my eldest is almost 6ft. Since I was adopted and know nothing of my parents, other than my mother’s name on myoriginal birth certificate, I’ve no idea who he takes after.


      1. I think there were a laot of us after post-war celebrations once the survivors had returned from battle. With no legal abortion there was a ready supply of ‘hidden’ babies for adoption (and a supply of takers, since there was no IVF either). the most fascinating bit of info I was told by Mum (who had it from the adoption society) was that my birth mother was an identical twin (working for my married father) and her twin covered up for her while she was in the nursing home giving birth.


  6. Hi Elizabeth, I am also 5’4″ and I consider it to be an excellent height. My husband is 6’2″ and my sons are both taller than I am. When I watch them with their long arms and legs, I am very glad to be the size I am. I never feel crushed on an airplane, I never bang my head on a door, and my feet never hang over the edge of a hotel bed.


  7. I was tall for my age at any given age. I always envied shorter girls because I thought they were more feminine and lady-like. I am now comfortable with my 5’8″ height and I guess I can be as lady-like as I choose to be (and I don’t always choose to be 😊).


    1. My mother was 5’8″ at 12 and always felt awkward even as others caught up with her. I was too short to be ladylike until I grew in high school. Before that I was childlike!


  8. My three year old grandson is already half my height. I think by the time he is eight he will tower over me. I used to be 5’4″ but I’ve shrunk a bit to 5’3″ — the shortest in my family, but mighty nonetheless!


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