“Who Needs A Leash?”

Emmy’s leash training has two parts, both using a very fancy harness. In one instance a 20 foot lead is fastened to the back of her collar. This is in use in the video above. Here she runs free, circling back to us frequently to receive a treat. The second phase of this makes her come when her name is called to receive a treat. We were surprised at how close she did stay to us, returning frequently to check up on us(and get rewarded!) Apparently since she is still a puppy she needs to stay close to her pack–in this case the two of us. She alternates running to each of us and to our granddaughter when she joined us for a training time. We are able to use the expansive playground very close to our home. The school serves the very young, so the field is free.

In the second part of the training, a 6 foot leash is attached under her neck to the same harness. The parking lot next to the school has long white lines to separate the spaces. Here we walk her back and forth, rewarding her only when she falls into a non-pulling easy rhythm with us. The reward is delivered on the side of our leg so she can continue walking. All the times she goes behind us or away from us, the leash is pulled gently until she is back by our side. She is being trained to go on either side and to accommodate various paces, not just the gentle trot she enjoys with Charlie.

I hope to post a view of that training soon, but dusk fell. For the first time I am optimistic that we may end up with an Australian Shepherd that we can actually take out in public! As Charlie has said, we have had lovely dogs, we just couldn’t take them anywhere.

10 thoughts on ““Who Needs A Leash?”

      1. I’m going to enjoy reading about Emmy. Our grand-dog Sadie behaves nicely until another dog comes in view. I can’t handle her in that situation, so when John isn’t here, I don’t walk far.


  1. Lovely to see her. I played the video fullscreen, as it seems that her tail has been docked. Is that the case? I don’t know why they would do that, it is illegal in England.
    Best wishes, Pete.


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