“Puppy Proof Present Pile”

Emmy is not the first puppy we have had at Christmas time, and we have learned a few things over thirty years. Our first dog opened a package under the tree and devoured a small amount of chocolate. We didn’t know that chocolate was poisonous to dogs nor did we anticipate that the dog would forgo all family rules and open a package early. We were awakened at 2am Christmas morning by a very hyper dog jumping onto our bed and running all around. We learned not to leave chocolate around. We left the packages in place under the tree since we would be up soon ourselves with the kids.

Our next puppy loved to eat ornaments. I had forgotten that dogs would eat glass, even though the first puppy had devoured a complete light bulb. We removed all the ornaments she could eat and left the tree up.

The next puppy thought that the tree was exciting on many levels. It moved when she bumped it. The cloth ornaments at mouth height were great chew toys, and the stand held water. We kept her out of the living room but left the tree up.

This year we caved to reality. We didn’t get a tree at all. The yard is fully lit with Christmas bulbs and two lighted figures. The house is decorated above dog height. As for the presents, they are piled on the window seat on the second floor. So far this dog has not learned to climb a steep flight of stairs.

Maybe next year we can have a fully decorated tree surrounded by presents. I can always dream!

18 thoughts on ““Puppy Proof Present Pile”

  1. This confirms how lucky we are with Ollie. He has never touched anything left on the floor, and certainly not the tree, or presents left around it. He won’t even eat the dinner in his bowl unless I tell him he can. He did all that by himself, no training.
    Best wishes, Pete.


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