“Getting Her Vitamin D”

We had eight inches of snow on Friday and after Emmy roamed in it to her heart’s content, she found that she could lie on the picnic table and soak up the sun. This when it was 20 degrees outside. Her undercoat has come in and she is “dressed” for winter. She even refused to come back into the warm house when offered the chance, just stretched out again after I took this photo.

42 thoughts on ““Getting Her Vitamin D”

      1. Both! He sheds, but I’d rather control the shedding so it doesn’t end up everywhere. Usually, he sheds close to winter time as he loses his summer coat for the winter coat. Then, he sheds again in the spring and his summer coat fills in.


        1. Probably so! If Shadow was an outdoor cat, I probably would only notice when his winter coat came in without realizing he shed one to grow one. As it is, I’m inside with him, chasing after him with a brush! 😂


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