“A Band of Squalls”

Yesterday our phones began blaring in unison with the message that a band of squalls was minutes away from our home. I had been reading a new history of the Middle Ages and I had trouble differentiating a band of squalls from a band of Huns, a band of Vandals, or a band of Goths. After a minute I realized that it was warning of upcoming blinding snow arriving without much warning(save the insistent phone alert.)

Realizing that I was sitting in my chair, reading a book, with no intention of going anywhere, I determined that they were not as drastic a threat as my pounding heart produced by the alert would indicate. It wasn’t going to be a big bad wolf threatening to “blow the house down.” I settled down and wondered what would actually happen.

As the image above explains, they did come on a fierce gust of wind with a myriad of flakes blowing virtually horizontally, quickly covering the ground. Cars seemed to be driving by with no trouble, however. No power interruptions. No objects flying through the air. Really just a blast of snow leaving nearly as fast as it came.

I intend to silence my phone again. I suffered more from the alert than from the squall!

35 thoughts on ““A Band of Squalls”

  1. Your post made me think of our house alarm. One night it went off in the middle of the night (mechanical malfunction), and I think I aged about five years. Now we only set it when we’re gone.


  2. We were warned of a third storm, which they named ‘Franklin’. Just as well they warned us, as it was the worst of the three to hit Beetley over four days. Trees down everywhere, power out for some residents, and the main road out of the village completely blocked yesterday. Like you, I stayed inside.
    Best wishes, Pete.


  3. We had a sudden squall here yesterday afternoon amid the day’s wind and rain. The window was white with rain, satellite TV was lost, bins went over, and our neighbour lost a panel off his garage roof. Maybe that’s why our doorbell rang soon after when there was nobody there… bit late for a warning though.


  4. We live ‘tucked in’. Tucked in between several larger towns. We get weather alerts for all of them but seldom for our little spot in the woods. They are always alarming.


  5. I have wondered why I am checking our weather reports and stressing about the dire warnings so much – especially now that I rarely have to go anywhere. Before I had internet and my cell phone and computer, I just went where I had to go when I had to go. I drove through it all! Blizzards with my first newborn, freezing rain with my infant daughter, FOG so thick I felt like my three tots and I were the only life left on the planet. Now I check the weather before going out to get our mail. 🙄


    1. I do the same. I also never gave it a thought and I certainly never got alerts. I remember coming our of a movie with my young daughters to a sheet of ice everywhere. I drove slowly home.


  6. Here with us when a storm comes with dangerous lightning no one notices us. They only warn about abundant and dangerous rains. Yet people died with lightning. With the rain many fewer died. Floods are bad ok, but I hate lightning, they are worse. Greetings from Italy 🤗🤗🤗 🌸🌼🌺🌹


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