“The Long View”

Last Monday, a national holiday, the weather was a balmy 45 degrees and Charlie and I went to Rocky Neck State Park along Long Island Sound. Although not open to the full Atlantic Ocean, the Sound has beaches, tidal activity and much sea life including clams, oysters and fish. That day a few dozen other people were enjoying the “warm” weather. Since then we had 67 degree weather on Wednesday, 27 degree weather Thursday and awoke this morning to several inches of ice encrusted snow. Nothing boring about weather here.

We are trying to absorb the news of the war began by Putin against Ukraine. All sorts of Americans, many of whom I suspect would be hard pressed to identify Ukraine on a world map, have all sorts of ideas about how the United States should be responding. From our former President praising Putin’s strength to those condemning Biden’s supposed weakness to the usual band of isolationists and over to war mongers, news 24/7 can hardly contain the chatter. But everyone seems suddenly to be an expert.

I am not one. I have no solutions. I cringe as I see grandmothers like me with small children huddling in subway tunnels to escape bombs. I fear what may come next. Because I am a woman of faith I pray. It is not nothing. It is in fact the best use of my time. I pray that those in power can use that power for good. And I pray that Americans disavow themselves of the notion that strength and brute force are the same thing.

13 thoughts on ““The Long View”

  1. I looked up that state park on a map. Did you have to drive through Norwich to get there? I live 18 miles from the original city that gave ‘your’ Norwich its name. I presume that some of the settlers might have come from here. You might know, but I will tell you anyway, it is not pronounced ‘Nor-witch’, but ‘Norrich’. 🙂
    Best wishes, Pete.


  2. Yes, I too have been praying Elizabeth for all the Ukrainian people. How horrific!
    And the Russian people who are against this action by their leader who are protesting in the streets, a dangerous act for them too. 🙏


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