Not until Jennifer wrote to ask if I was doing ok did I realize how long an absence I had accumulated on my blog. There are seasons when the demands and complications of life take over and the creative energy I use to write seems unavailable. This is such a season. I fully intend, when things settle down, to return to a regular writing practice. It centers me, rewards me with an outlet for thoughts and reflections, and gives me an opportunity to share. I also love learning from friends around the world as they share their thoughts and reflections.

In the meantime, I wish everyone a Merry Christmas. May we retain the wonder I had that first Christmas when I could truly be in awe of all the tinsel and lights.

23 thoughts on ““Disappearing–Not”

  1. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you Elizabeth and your family. I did wonder where you’d been, so it’s good to hear all is well and I hope to see more of you after the year’s end.

    Take care
    Cathy xx


  2. Merry Christmas, Elizabeth! This post is absolutely wonderful, because on one hand it reminds us of the joys of Christmas like a child, and on the other hand it reminds us that while our writing and blogging may be distant or spotty, it is what grounds us. Thank you for that. I am still in awe of the Christmas lights.


  3. I also noticed your extended absence, Elizabeth, but we all have pressing demands that often are more important than writing a blog post. Happy holidays to you and your family.


  4. Great to see a post again – partly because you haven’t posted for a while, partly because just as you’ve been away from writing, I was away from reading just about everything online. I’ve got a new routine for reading so hopefully I can stay caught up now!

    Hope you have a wonderful holiday and most excellent 2023!


      1. Great – hope to see you soon! Almost back at 100% now. I feel great but am taking the advice of lots of different posts online that say to wait 7-10 days after symptoms are over before resuming exercise. We all seemed to get sick and better on the same timeline. Daegan was sick first and is doing the best, Sage got sick a few days after me and is a couple days behind me I estimate.


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