“Fox Went Out On a Chilly Night”

During the fall Charlie piles up leaves over the tomato patch to provide mulch for the soil in the spring. This year’s leaf pile attracted a lovely visitor for many mornings in December and January. We guess that he chose this spot for the heat that came from the pile of composting leaves. At any rate he settled down happily here for hours at a time morning through early afternoon.

Unfazed by our comings and goings, he occasionally–as here–looked up and then lay back down. Apparently since we are between dogs at the moment the fox thought our yard was fenced just for him. For whatever reason he clearly was as relaxed in the open area as I suspect he could possibly be.

While we have seen foxes in the nearby woods this is the first visitor to our yard. I imagine that once we have a dog again we will not see the fox. Nonetheless he was a welcome visitor to our yard. He came so often I even named him Rufus(couldn’t resist!)

Thanks to everyone who wrote to make sure I was returning to the blog. Life has a way of happening, taking us away from routines. Things have settled down and I can once again use my brain and imagination to get back to writing.

43 thoughts on ““Fox Went Out On a Chilly Night”

  1. Foxes are so elegant and mischievous at the same time. When we lived in Virginia we used to occasionally get them through the yard. It was always exciting to see. I am a bit jealous of your Rufus!


  2. Wonderful to see you back on your blog..
    When we lived in London, ‘City Foxes’ were everywhere, and not at all afraid of people. Since moving to the countryside and getting a dog, the only foxes I have seen are dead ones, killed by traffic on the fast country roads.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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    1. Wow. I never heard of city foxes. We still have a lot of undeveloped land along the river and into the woods even though we are an established town. Fortunately we are not experiencing the push to fill every wetland and log every mountain as happens in other parts of the country.

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  3. Rufus. Isn’t that the perfect name? Things have a way of happening in order to get us back to ourselves. Rufus came along, and how wonderful for you to watch him settle in. Foxes don’t do that. My heart is full for you and Charlie. Best to you, Elizabeth.


  4. Nice to have you back, Elizabeth. I’m lightening up the time I blog this year, so you might not see me around that much.


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