“January 26, 1953”

I pause each January 26 to remember my little sister Patsy. She died at 64, never making it into her 70’s to join me in old age. I still remember my mother coming home with this big(over 10 pounds) dark haired(the rest of us are blond/brown) brown eyed(ours are blue) baby with no name. She was going to be Jeannie(with the light brown hair) but a quick look at the actual baby required a new name. After two weeks she finally was named Patsy, much to my relief. At five I was not happy with an unnamed sister.

Along with the dark hair, dark eyes, height and build totally different from my own, she came with a much sunnier disposition than I ever could maintain. Her laugh still echoes when I think of her.

Eternal peace dear one.

25 thoughts on ““January 26, 1953”

  1. HI Elizabeth, I remember reading about your sister before. The loss of a sibling is really hard. I can’t imagine not naming a baby for two weeks, that is quite a long time. My sister’s all had their names well in advance.


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