“And Puppy Makes Three”

I have been away from my blog for a few days as we traveled to pick up and then bring home the new addition to our home. Named Zoe, our cocker spaniel/poodle mix is eight weeks old, weighs just over four pounds and is getting acclimated to her new surroundings.

We have never owned a small dog, nor one that is so social, so we are especially careful where we step. “Under foot” seems to be a description tailor made for her. She doesn’t like being alone, whether in the living room or in her crate at night. She has imprinted on us and dutifully trails one or the other of us around the house. She is adapting to life without six siblings to play with at any moment. As you can see in the above clip, she is making good use of toys instead.

I hope to return to reading and responding soon. In the meantime, much love all from us and from Zoe.

38 thoughts on ““And Puppy Makes Three”

    1. Amazingly this owner had trained the puppies to go on cedar shavings. All we had to do was take some home with us and put it in a designated spot outdoors. Works 80% of the time as long as we remember that her capacity is less than a grape!(just seems that way anyway..)

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      1. I recall now that, back when we bred our Jack Russells, we’d cover the floor witih newspaper when they were let out of their pen, and the pups were beginning to look for newspaper before they squatted. Just don’t leave newspapers llying around…
        One pup we too on had been living with cats who clearly had used a litter tray. When she couldn’t get out, she’d head for a doormat. (Could have been worse…)


  1. Over here, we cal them ‘Cockerpoos’. They have been incredibly popular since the pandemic, and even in tiny Beetley there are many of them to be found.
    Enjoy your pup, Elizabeth.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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  2. Cockerpoo- (spoodles, cockatoo) very popular here in Australia. Intelligent yet ‘fun’. Good times are ahead of you….enjoy them Elizabeth


  3. Zoe is adorable. I love smaller dogs. I adored our Cavalier Kat but I worried about her like I did with my kids when they were small and vulnerable. I never left her in our vehicle, even for a few minutes, without worrying about her or even the yard for that matter. She was so sweet and it would have been so easy for someone to snatch her. I thought it would be so much easier with a BIG dog, so we got Molly. Nobody is snatching her, but of course I can’t leave her anywhere without worrying about what she could be destroying. 😂


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