“Back to Writing!”

After several long months of very poor vision, I have completed the treatment of my second eye and am able once again to read and write easily. My vision had been affected by the post cataract complication much more than I had realized. It had come on just in the last year, but slowly enough that it hadn’t become a real impediment until January.

I kept thinking of posts I want to write, but knew I had to be patient until both eyes were fully restored. Now they are.

Back at it tomorrow!

31 thoughts on ““Back to Writing!”

  1. Happy to hear your news, and to see you back on the blog. It is especially relevant for me, as I have been postponing a cataract operation for a few years now. (Also delayed by Covid shutdowns)
    Best wishes, Pete.

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  2. Nice to have you back, Elizabeth. One of the guys in my writing group just had cataract surgery in both eyes. He seems much happier with his improved vision.


  3. Love the picture. Glad you are able to see clearly again. My grandmother had lost her vision when I was still too young. It impaired her day to day life until she was unable to go out and had to live life at home where she knew the terrain. It was rather sad.


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