“Goodbye to Gordon”

Certain singer/songwriters have accompanied from my high school years. One such, the Canadian Gordon Lightfoot, died this week. The photo above captures how his image remained in my mind’s eye. I was quite startled, looking for a picture for this post, to see how he looked recently. Of course in my mind’s eye I am still sixteen, not 75!

I have always preferred music with minimal acoustic accompaniment so that I am able to hear and absorb the words. Not great for partying, of course, but excellent for such bygone times as listening in my dorm room in a funk over a boy. Gordon sang of love gained and love lost, so he was an apt companion no matter the state of my college love life.

We bought a new car just before my eyes went wonky, so I am just getting to drive it and explore its features. This morning, as I drove to see a friend, I was able to ask the car to play Gordon Lightfoot songs. The thirty minute ride allowed me to soak in his voice and lyrics, feeling grateful that he had devoted his life to song.

Thanks Gordon.

20 thoughts on ““Goodbye to Gordon”

      1. I think it has to have ‘Apple Play’ or something similar installed. I have seen that in other modern cars, but our one does not seem to have that facility. ๐Ÿ™‚


  1. What a lovely tribute to Gordon. I remember those dorm days when he was all I needed/wanted to hear. Simon and Garfunkel were in that same category. How wonderful that you could ask your new car to play Gordon Lightfoot. Thirty minutes to be wrapped in memories and great music is just perfect. May he rest in peace.


  2. I had not heard this news. I just listened to If You Can Read My Mind (probably my favorite Gordon Lightfoot song) last night.


  3. I am sad to hear this news; Gordon Lightfoot was a key part of my teenage years and his songs remain with me now. A wonderful songwriter.


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