“Why A Remake?”

I recently saw an ad for a film remake of Tom Jones. It sent me back to the Easter holiday of 1966 when I was a freshman in college. My roommate Zoe and I drove her little Deux Chevaux from Massachusetts to Virginia to stay with her family. I had never seen such a tiny car and felt huge inside it.

One night before we headed back to the dorm we went to the drive-in movie theater to see Albert Finney in Tom Jones. Although it was a couple of years old, neither of us had seen it. In those days sex, even implied sex, was not a feature in most movies for general audiences. We were both bowled over by the scenes of lust and longing and our imaginations ran rampant. It was an experience as startling for me as my response to the screen violence, seen for the first time, in Bonnie and Clyde the next year. These were definitely not our parents’ movies!

Now that I have clearly remembered that long ago movie, I will pass on any remake. But thanks for the chance to remember that evening to whoever decided they needed to redo Tom Jones.

16 thoughts on ““Why A Remake?”

  1. No remake of Tom Jones could ever be worth watching.
    The 2CV was a wonderful utilitarian town car, but unsuited to motorways. (Freeways.)
    Bonnie and Clyde was wonderful. So good, I saw it again in the same week, and many times since. It never gets old for me. Fantastic performances from everyone in the cast, and so memorable.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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  2. I know what you mean and remember those movies that were a bit shocking. Even though I had grown up with Alfred Hitchcock movies, Rosemary’s Baby was a shocker for me. Here’s to those great drive-in movie memories.


  3. I loved the Deux Chevaux! Iconic. My brother had one for years.
    And a remake of “Tom Jones” (I have actually read the book). I dread to think.
    But let’s hope I’m proved wrong.


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