“Merry Month of May”

My husband is a true gardener. I have managed now and then to keep a house plant alive, but not much more. Charlie loves planting, weeding, watering, pruning and harvesting(blueberries, raspberries, tomatoes.) This masterpiece of our back yard is all his doing. In June he will plant the annual seeds I have ordered(zinnia, four o clocks, cosmos) in the dirt patch on the front left of this photo.

We had to take down the playhouse at the back of the yard after it succumbed to twenty winters, leaving a bare patch in back. So this past week we went to a nursery and I pointed to two lilacs, one azalea and one hydrangea plants which he has planted along the back fence. I know what plants and flowers I like but have minimal interest in maintaining them. Thank heavens for my husband.

Spring comes in New England later than it did in our Pacific Northwest home. Just when I think nothing will flower and the trees will remain bare forever, May comes along and proves me wrong once again. And it manages to show up in true splendor making the wait worthwhile.

May my friends in the Southern hemisphere enjoy our spring as your autumn unfolds.

28 thoughts on ““Merry Month of May”

  1. Well done to Charlie. I plant nothing, and pay someone to cut the grass on our lawns. I have never been a gardener, and I think it is too late for me to start now. My arthritis hardly allows me to hold a trowel, let alone dig with it.
    Spring has hardly happened here yet, and it feels like November.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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  2. The beginning of May looks like nothing will ever bloom, and suddenly by the end of the month everything blossoms. Thank goodness for Charlie! He is doing a great job in the yard.


  3. What a lovely back garden Elizabeth, I love the white fencing! Hubby is the gardner in this house as well. We are having an Autumn cold snap at the moment that feels more like a Winter cold snap!
    Blessings, Jennifer


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