“Say It In Flowers”

Between the tag end of April and the start of June we celebrate five family birthdays. It makes for a lot of cake! In the middle of each May the “dwarf” lilac bush we planted about 15 years ago opens in full bloom. The scent fills the air, greeting anyone who comes to the door or settles in a chair or the porch swing for a visit.

I wish we had a “smell app” for WordPress so I could share the delight with you. By the time the last festivities have passed, the lilac will have dropped its flowers and sit, a quiet green shrub, next to the porch. It will, like us, return to its ordinary appearance, but not before it has showered us all with a floral “Happy Birthday.”

27 thoughts on ““Say It In Flowers”

  1. Someone trialled a scratch n sniff movie where you took a card in with you and when some trigger flashed on screen you scratched the appropriate square and sniffed hard. It was all going well and then the pandemic hit….


  2. Our birthdays seem to bunch together as well. I could have got away with two birthday parties for four offspring if the last hadn’t come two full months early. Next week is my elder daughter’s birthday and her husband’s on the same day, which is something you can’t plan for!


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