“A Minivan? Really?”


Maybe it was my nostalgia for the way back of my childhood station wagon. Maybe it was a loathing, completely irrational, for SUVs. At any rate, when my clutch knee gave out, we rented a minivan while we looked for a car with an automatic transmission. And, “dear reader, I married him.”(Literary allusion for the literary types.)

So one afternoon in April, I wandered over to Timberline Dodge to “look at” minivans. And of course they just happened to have an excellent deal on a green/blue minivan that just happened to be in the showroom that very day. And for a “very reasonable” monthly payment, I could own it. We had never bought a car on payments, and of course I had loudly bragged about that fact. But I called my husband at work to come over and “check out” this van and hear about the “very reasonable” payments.

He could tell I was smitten, and we left that day in a brand new 2000 Dodge Caravan with three rows of seats, a great stereo and automatic transmission. Best of all, I could see out all directions when I drove, no longer hunkered down in a regular car. I am only 5’4″ and had trouble seeing clearly out of our littler cars.

Now all we needed was a long distance trip to take it through its paces. Which we embarked on the next February. About which more tomorrow.

2 thoughts on ““A Minivan? Really?”

  1. Haha! I chuckled immediately at the “And Dear Reader …”. I’ve never been fond of minivans either, but the one we rented with our extended family and drove on vacation last year was far more comfortable for seven of us than the big new SUV my daughter bought because she just couldn’t bear to be a minivan mom. Still, I understand why she had her own moment of “I married him.” That rig is mighty fine for five. Just don’t try to get seven in it. Looking forward to learning about that trip you took.


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